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Sentinel Ranch Alpacas

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Nathaniel and Anne Gullion
3765 Sales RdBelgrade, MT 59714

Organically Raised

Summer Sausage



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Product Specs

  • Vaccume Sealed Packages
  • Each Package is 1.25-1.5lbs

Product Description

This summer sausage is so flavorful, very moist! Alpaca meat is very healthy, easily digested, a mild sweet meat that takes on the flavors of the spices used in a delicious palate pleasing way. Our alpacas are organically raised, grass fed, and never given hormones.

The summer sausage is a fantastic crowd pleaser, you will want to have on for a party, holiday event or just for your own palate pleasure. My favorite is the Redneck- a bit more kick.

Our meat guy does wild game and exotic meats and has really nailed the flavors of this summer sausage. It is quite addictive, so BEWARE! The summer sausage is rolled with a casing on the outside, easily torn off like paper after opening the package. The casing also protects the meat if you plan to freeze it to save for your special occasion.

Sausage is mailed frozen, and if it takes more than two days to reach you, we will charge extra shipping for dry ice packaging. Please select special shipping if needed. Anything in Pacific or Central time zones normal shipping rates.

This sausage is stable for a few days in cool temps on the counter. Refrigeration recommended for storage, up to 6 weeks. Freeze if planning to eat beyond six weeks, thaw in fridge when ready to eat, then consume within 6 weeks.

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Type: Summer Sausage
Flavor: Original, Redneck